Monday, February 15, 2010


$120 (SOLD)


Josh said...

Hey Alina, long time no chat. I hope that you've been doing well. I'm a little bit slow I guess as I just discovered that you had this blog in addition to your other ones. :P

I don't know the details but I was very disappointed that you didn't end up doing the X-23 one shot as I was really looking forward to seeing more of your art.

I was just wondering if this page was still available for sale as I might be interested.

Josh :)

Alina Urusov said...


Hmm I know several Josh's..
I think it's sold already..
Yes it would have been fun but there was very little time and more pages than the standard comic book. And I can try to be fast but I'm not superman. haha.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!